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Senior Research Fellow


Stockholm Environment Institute

Neal R Haddaway

I am a Senior Research Fellow conducting systematic reviews and systematic maps at SEI in Stockholm, and I work with policy-makers and stakeholders to produce guidelines for evidence-based environmental management and conservation. My main research interests revolve around integrating different knowledge systems within the same synthesis, and around increasing the efficiency and transparency of evidence production, synthesis and use.

Senior Research Fellow


Stockholm Environment Institute

Biljana Macura

I am a Senior Research Fellow at Stockholm Environment Institute. I am an environmental social scientist with the main research focus on the synthesis of robust evidence for decision-making in environmental policy and practice. I am conducting systematic evidence syntheses in environment and development and working on the improvement of evidence synthesis methods both as a contributor to the Guidelines and standards for evidence synthesis in the environmental management of the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence (CEE) and as a member of Campbell-CEE Qualitative Evidence Synthesis Methods Group

Systematic Reviews Editor

Environment International

Paul Whaley

My interest is in the development and promotion of systematic review methods in toxicology and chemical risk research, as an approach to advancing the transparency and validity of the processes by which scientific evidence is integrated into environmental policy-making.

Professor in Evidence-Based Conservation

Bangor University


Environmental Evidence

Andrew S Pullin

I am interested in developing the methodology of evidence synthesis in environmental management using systematic review and creating a global network and platform (with guidelines and standards) to facilitate the conduct of evidence synthesis to provide a global evidence service. The overall goal is to increase effectiveness of environmental management policies and practice.

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